01 – The Goal

In a time of unprecedented climate change, Green answers the question: How and where should I invest to help not only myself, but humanity?

Green Investment Strategies crafts portfolios that aim to help you maximize return potential for your risk tolerance level and keep as much of that return as possible by making investments that minimize risk and maximize opportunities for our shared future. We are proud to be an Climate Investing Firm.

Our ideal clients are forward-thinking, environmentally conscious individuals who want to make good financial decisions and investments that impact the earth and humanity in a positive way during a time of unprecedented climate change.

02 – The Results

Our typical aggressive portfolio has:

*as compared to a standard, non climate focused, equivalently aggressive portfolio.
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“The nation behaves well if it treats the natural resources as assets which it must turn over to the next generation increased and not impaired in value. Conservation means development as much as it does protection.”

― Theodore Roosevelt

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you.  What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

― Jane Goodall

“Yet when the denial becomes so complete that we live under what amounts to a tyranny of not seeing and not speaking the existential truth, it becomes dangerous itself.”

― Arthur Kleinman, What Really
Matters: Living a Moral Life
Amidst Uncertainty and

“Sustainable investing is not just for environmentalists. One does not need to be an environmentalist to appreciate the fact that ESG analysis is a broad tool for discovering new investment possibilities as well as limiting risk exposure.”

― College for Financial Planning

“Estimates for the total number of premature American deaths attributable to fossil fuel pollution in a given year run as high as 350,000.”

―College for Financial Planning

“You are free from your debt to your ancestors when you become an ancestor; you are free from your debt to the sages when you become a sage, you are free from your debt to humanity when you act with humanity.”

―David Graeber, Debt:  The First 5000 Years

“We will need, by 2050, $2 trillion per year in today’s money, to put in the transmission lines, the power plants, the storage facilities, the reengineered steel and cement factories, and everything else that is needed to completely decarbonize our society. Decarbonizing the economy is arguably the most important industrial change since the wholesale introduction of oil in the early 20th century.”

―Jeremy Grantham,
“The Race of Our Lives”

“All that you touch, you change. All that you change, changes you. The only lasting truth Is Change.”

― Octavia E. Butler, Parable of the Sower

03 – The Promises

Two Promises to Our Clients.

Green provides you with the research and experience to make climate investments which help you maximize return potential for your risk tolerance level – and keep as much of that return as possible – while also minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities for our shared future

Promise to the Earth. We donate at least 1% of our revenue to charity organizations that are working intelligently to prevent, mitigate, or adapt to climate change.


04 – The Ethos

When you invest with Green, you are investing in yourself and in making the world a better place for others you care about. Here are a few of the focus areas within a typical Green Climate Investing Portfolio.

05 – The Guide

Joe Pelusi, Esq. (Ret.), CSRIC

What I like to do is help people make intelligent investments which have the potential to have positive impacts on both their portfolios and the planet. Here’s how, and why.

Growing up in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey, a small barrier island town with limited educational and employment opportunities, presented challenges. Being raised by a single, working mother and dealing with a disability due to hearing loss, probably from measles, posed other obstacles. Statistically, children of divorce earn up to 12% less, and people with disabilities are 3 times as likely to be unemployed.

Therefore, I left the island, going away to prep school and then earning degrees from Amherst College and Harvard Law, and securing employment at top law firms in Philadelphia and Atlanta.

Unfortunately, we live in a time of declining upward mobility. Stagnant wage growth and income inequality have made it more difficult for middle-class Americans like me to move up the economic ladder. Nine years ago, I was stuck in a soul-crushing job with a low salary, commuting seven days a week. But then I learned to invest, which boosted my income by 7x over the past decade and eliminated my commute. Now, I’m passionate about helping others understand investing and work towards their financial goals.

My investment strategy centers around climate change and incorporates Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria. Research shows that ESG investing can improve portfolio returns, and considering the unprecedented threats of climate change, I believe there are significant opportunities. Climate change affects so many sectors of the economy, offering investment prospects in agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, real estate, and energy production. Billionaires like Larry Fink and Bill Gates have already recognized these opportunities.

Nonetheless, when I told my own financial advisor nine years ago that I was concerned about the effect of climate change on my portfolio, he put me in a “socially responsible” fund that had ExxonMobil as one of its ten biggest holdings. Not exactly what I had in mind with regard to minimizing stranded asset risk. So I said “I don’t think this is your area of expertise” and I started handling my own investments. And what I spent years learning was, who are the really good fund managers in the ESG world? Who can invest your money responsibly and has a track record of outperforming the benchmark? I found those managers and I want to share them with you. (Caveats and disclaimers: past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Investing involves risk, including the risk of loss. We’re all adults here.)

And it’s not just about returns. In the United States alone, decarbonizing our economy in order to mitigate climate change could prevent 62,000 air pollution deaths, save $600 billion in taxpayer costs, and generate 2 million new jobs. Similar opportunities extend globally, and through investing in a sustainable future, we have the chance to collectively create a better and greener world.

My goal, then, is to assist individuals in meeting their investment goals and positively impacting the planet. Join me on this journey, and together, we can hope to make a real difference!

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06 – The Ideal Client

Green works with smart people who are concerned about climate change and want to make intelligent investments that impact their portfolios and the planet in a positive way.

Our aim as an Climate Investing Firm is to help you maximize return on investment for your risk tolerance level and maintain a livable planet on which you and your loved ones can enjoy the benefits of that return for years to come.

Green is a public benefit corporation and fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor.

07 – Thoughts

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