Nukes And Trees: The Future Is Bright And Full Of Figs

Feb 21, 2024 | Climate Change, Impact, Philadelphia, Sustainability

Listen up. You think going green’s all about turning down the thermostat or switching to veggie burgers? Sure, that’s part of it, but I got a tip that’s bigger—way bigger. We’re talking your wallet, your greenbacks, your moolah. That’s where the real play is. You shift your cash from the smokestacks to the tree huggers, and bam, you’re not just talking change; you’re making it. That’s right — as we’ve said before, greening your retirement savings has a bigger impact than becoming vegetarian, switching to renewable energy, and giving up flying combined.

Now, get this: there’s a podcast out of Volts buzzing about nuclear energy being the next big thing. Yeah, nuclear. They’re saying it’s the clean, mean energy machine we need, packing a punch without dirtying up the joint. So, if you’re thinking long game, you might want to take a beat and listen in. Lot of innovation, lot of market demand, lot of government support: it all adds up to lots of interesting investment opportunities.

But here’s the kicker—The Guardian’s got this scoop that’s even cooler. Pun intended. The East Coast’s been planting so many sticks in the ground that they’ve gone and put a chill in the air. More trees, less heat. Simple. Elegant. Effective. And there are investment opportunities here as well. Trees, like reactors, are the sort of game changers Green has its eyes on.

And speaking of good deeds, there’s this crew in Philly, the Philadelphia Orchard Project. They’re all about turning empty lots into apple spots and fig trees. Green’s tossing them some dough as part of our 1% for the Planet action—because that’s how we roll.

You see, it’s not just about playing defense with your day-to-day. It’s about going on the offense with your investment game. Your bills can do the heavy lifting, and you can put your feet up, knowing you’re backing the good guys.

So what’s the play? You can keep on doing the small-time stuff, sure. But if you’re ready to run with the big dogs, take a hard look at where your stash is stashed. Might be time to pull it out of the old world and push it into the new. Get it in the game. Make it count.

Need a nudge? Drop a line to Let’s chat about making your green mean something more. Or hit up the Orchard crew and get your hands dirty. Either way, or both, it’s time to make a move. The planet’s not getting any cooler while you sit on the sidelines.